Randall Dunn


Come Explore the Great "Winni" and Other Topics in the Book

  Vanya Petrova's Preferred Martial Art:   Krav Maga

  Russian Mafia: BBC Article     Mafia Tattoos:  Picture

  Afghanistan:  Map   Facts, Maps, History   The Soviet War in Afghanistan  Pictures & Maps

  US Navy SEALs: Official Site

  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  National Center for PTSD    National Institute for Health  MedLinePlus  A Soldier's Story

  Lake Winnipesaukee:  Interactive Map   Home     YouTube Channel      Local Weather
  Rattlesnake Island:    Interactive Map    Overview

  NH Marine Patrol:  Lake Winnipesaukee HQ
  Lake Web Cams:  Weirs Beach Cam    

  The Mount Washington:  Home

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