Randall Dunn

Books & Short Stories

New Short Story Anthology Just Published:
A collection of fourteen horror and science fiction tales, "Bill of Frights" is the first anthology by The League of Eclectic Authors. My story is entitled , "Farewell Washington." Download the promotional flier here: Bill_of_Frights_Flyer.pdf
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  • Rattlesnake Island: Vanya Petrova's Story  Read the First Chapter
  • Moscow Nights:  Vanya after Rattlesnake Island (Currently writing)
  • Flight of the Eagle:  Vanya's Beginnings (Working on final draft)
Short Stories
  • The Prophet of Khorugh (the story of Vanya Petrova's beginnings)  Read Now!
  • The Dolphins of Balaklava
  • Mulberry of Bagram
  • Date at the Bottom of the World
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